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Default Re: GURPS Spaceships Design Spreadsheet

Originally Posted by davester65 View Post
I know about all of that, although control rooms are an exception to that. They don't seem to combine like sensors do. Also the reason I was asking is because with an SM+4 ship you get 1 passenger seat to a space, but with an SM+3 ship you also get one passenger seat per space. I just figured it should have to be three spaces for one seat at SM+3.
I believe my reasoning there is that at SM+3 Passenger Seating no longer includes access space - hallways, bathrooms, etc. They're more like the seats in a van or car than those in a bus or plane.

Otherwise you could only get about 5 seats in a SM+3 vehicle (leaving only 5 slots for armor, fuel fank, engine, wheels, and cargo). That pretty much makes it impossible to build something similar to your average town car (which just happens to clock in around SM+3 and 3 Tons with passengers and cargo).
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