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Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
You already can do that, if you're using my optional rules. But instead of joining together to be a single "larger SM" system they just provide partial systems - SM+4 Habitats provide 0.3 slots, SM+3 provide 0.1 slots (and I have some cramped bunkrooms & crew cabins that can fit in 0.5 habitat slots). Most systems simply join together and add together their capacity; it's only system that scale with SM (such as Sensors and their Scan rating) that need special handling. Some systems even have split stats - Hangar Bays add capacity when you combine 3+ together, but their bay doors only go up +1 SM with three combined.

Honestly, most systems that need or could use a larger SM version are already available in the sheet, or automatically combine into the larger SM version when you put 3+ together. Even Force Screens, where you can vary the way dDR stacks together - do they simply add dDR together or do they combine to provide a larger SM version (which provides less dDR, but for some universes Force Screens may not be "stackable" like Armor is).
I know about all of that, although control rooms are an exception to that. They don't seem to combine like sensors do. Also the reason I was asking is because with an SM+4 ship you get 1 passenger seat to a space, but with an SM+3 ship you also get one passenger seat per space. I just figured it should have to be three spaces for one seat at SM+3.
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