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Default Re: Unarmed Combat Talents -- Questions about their application

IMO, TFT has always had an underlying assumption that bulkiness and imprecision went hand in hand. That is the reason for the DX penalties - whether from armor or from lack of ST.
The imprecision of bulkier armor also affects Unarmed Combat.
This has never been historically accurate but is a decent gaming approach.
The Greeks and Romans wrestled and boxed unclothed. Part of that was to protect the attacker's hands and feet from being broken by the contact. East Asian martial arts had the same attitude. According to some sources, the creation of extreme callouses that were not harmed by contact with stone or metals only appeared with the "do" (art) forms rather than the original "jitsu" (skill) forms.
Part of the issue of bulkier armors is that you lose the fine tactile sense and proprioception.
You can still trip, push over or shield rush in any armor, but the more exact throws and holds of martial arts become impossible.
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