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Default Re: Unarmed Combat Talents -- Questions about their application

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
UC talents have some strange assumptions built into them that make them not very believable. From what I've seen and my (admittedly limited) knowledge of military history, there is no reason to prohibit someone wearing heavier armor from using a karate (or similar) blow or someone holding a sword to attempt a one-handed judo throw.
Most of the relevant-period martial arts manuals from europe assume that both armored and unarmored people will attempt throws that are functionally like the throws represented by UC talents. You could argue that this is all too granular of detail for TFT, i.e., that all that grappling and throwing is encapsulated by the rule that when you succeed at entering HTH you both fall to the ground. In truth, that is what usually the end result when two armored or unarmored people clinch and grapple for several seconds. So, the question is whether you want to change the rules to allow for the unusual but real possibility that a skilled armored person will thrown another to the ground but stay on their own feet. On the other hand, the medieval european manuals don't contain many unarmed strikes, so all the punching and kicking in east asian martial arts is a more secondary thing in this context.
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