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Default Re: Unarmed Combat Talents -- Questions about their application

Yes, though the interpretation I like is that it merely reduces the pinned person's options to attempting to break free for two turns unless the pinner lets go. That is extremely powerful as is, and does not need any of the extra advantages Henry keeps suggesting, except maybe out of combat, or something to answer what's needed to tie someone up.

There is another RAW interpretation, though, which is that "helpless" does mean that figure can be automatically killed in one turn. (See ITL p. 70 and p. 121.)

The other, even more crucial, broken aspect of course is how easy the rules make it for someone with even one (not to mention more) levels of UC talent advantage over the target, and how there are no limits or effects of size, weight or strength.

Even having a highish adjDX makes this really easy to do RAW. I've posted house rule suggestions before. An easy one would be to make the base roll 4d instead of 3d, and make the minimum difficulty 3d, and have each hex the target is larger add 1 die to the difficulty, and have ST difference also be a modifier.
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