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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
I don't know how wide the passage is, roll enough shape earth to fill it for me please (at 15).

The furnace is going to be built as a pipe around 2 feet in diameter on the inside at the bottom. It will be built right next to the plug. Some vegetation will be placed in it to add strength. It will slope thinner as it goes up, until at about 4.5 feet up it passes through a hole in the plug, probably around 4 inches around. A hole at the bottom of the furnace will let us shove in fuel and draw in air. Telrith can probably do this with two castings of shape earth (at 15).

Telrith will be very careful with constructing this, taking 16 times longer, for a +4 to his default architecture skill, raising it to 12.
IIRC, Shape Earth costs 2 per cubic feet moved. The passageway into the cave is 10 feet wide by 10 feet high.
Rolled 16 for Shape Earth. Failure, mark off 1 FP. Try again?

Two more castings of Shape Earth? Coming right up...
Rolled 9 and 14. Mark off the FP costs.

Rolling Architecture skill...10. That task takes at least 16 minutes, I think.

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