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Default Re: Nordlond Sagas: Three new books for the DFRPG

Originally Posted by Dalin View Post
Tyr's lawyers are, indeed, hard to beat!

Personally, though, I like the generic nature of DFRPG material. It's easy enough to swap the names back. I often change many of the names in published material anyway to fit my own game worlds.

It's even possible to search-and-replace the text in a PDF so that you can have the names reflect whatever you want.
Adding to the use of generic names here: as we were in the writing process, the question came up (in a couple of places) about how the Gods of the Nine Realms are handled outside of Nordlond. As we developed things, we decided that the Aesir are the gods everywhere for this setting. In Nordlond, the Lawgiver might be known as 'Tyr' and seen as a one-handed warrior. If you go far enough south and east, that god might be called 'Maat' and seen as a winged woman who is consort to the God of Wisdom* - but it's the same deific entity, just wearing a different face.

That's not to say that it has to be that way for any given campaign; we've deliberately avoided being overly prescriptive so that the book remains useful to a broad range of campaigns both in and out of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. This is just 'how it is in our lore' for tracking internal consistency with later supplements.

*"Isn't the Allfather married to the Queen of the World? Well, yes - but none of the Aesir are particularly good at fidelity, and Tyr and Odin were vacationing somewhere sunny, and they needed an explanation to give to that priest who walked in on them, and -- look, mortal understanding of the affairs (ha) of the gods is sometimes just a little off, okay?
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