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Default Re: Updated / New Character Sheets

Here's another FlexSheet update. It's been sent to Melange for hosting on his site and is already available from Kyoya's site.

FlexSheet, version 1.40 ChangeLog
  • Corrected three inter-related and serious problems in the load-out section:
    • Corrected a problem where having a load-out name containing spaces would cause that load-out to be split on the spaces into n+1 load-outs, where n is the number of spaces (e.g. load-out "Melee Combat Gear" would become the load-outs: "Melee", "Combat", and "Gear").
    • Corrected a problem where a load-out whose name was a sub-string of another load-out's name would contain the other load-out's gear as well as its own (e.g. load-out "Combat" would also contain the gear from load-out "Non-Combat").
    • Corrected a problem where a phantom, non-named, load-out would be created; furthermore, this phantom load-out would then fall prey to the previously mentioned sub-string bug, thereby causing it to match against every other load-out and resulting in it containing all of the gear contained in those load-outs.
  • Adjusted the printing of the weight field in the load-out section slightly.
  • Corrected a problem where movement modes with a base score of zero, Tunneling for example, would not print in the movement section.
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