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Default Rulebook PDF Posted

The 99.9% finished rulebook, as well as the Player Reference Sheet, are posted at and See anything wrong? Let us know in this thread.

Please don’t post the same comment here and on the parallel BGG thread, and if somebody else has already pointed out a typo, there’s no need to post “I see it too.” Of course, if a real “what does this rule mean?” question comes up (let alone a “this rule is a change from the old game and is stupid”), discussion will be appreciated!

This will be your first look at the Brandon Moore illustrations of our “portrait” supporters on the Ogre battlefield. I really like these. My thanks again to the supporters, and I hope you all survive into the next scene.

We expect to post the Scenarios book on Monday (with the rest of the portraits).

Daniel and I are still talking about a few lines in the rulebook, here and there, but only a few. He’s at Essen right now. If you’re there, drop by the Pegasus booth and say hi!

In-house checking of the counter and overlay sheets is now well along. No major problems found. We’re not going to post all 39 for comment, but we’ll put up a counter sheet and an overlay sheet so you can see them.
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