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Default Re: Catalog Of Super Realities

Athena-2 is a world of super mathematicians. All powers on this world line are super-science applications of mathematics. For example, Precognition would be justified as running ridiculously accurate simulations to predict the future. However, reality warping is not in the reach of the super mathematicians. I'd be willing to make an exception for Jumper in a world jumping campaign.

Gadgeteer, Quick Gadgeteer, or Lightning Calculator (Intuitive Mathematician) serve as prerequisites for a super's powers on this power. A super with Lightning Calculator would be able to use their abilities on the fly, but be unable to grant abilities to others like a gadgeteer. Generally, activation rolls should be replaced by a roll against Computer Programming or appropriate Mathematics specialty.

This world is currently in the 1970s at the height of the Cold War between the USA and USSR. Following WWII gadgeteer mathematicians have made a concerted effort to use mathematics to improve technology. They have successfully raised Computers and Mathematics to TL(7 + 2)^. That is, computers are designed based on TL7 mainframe-terminal infrastructures to achieve TL9 performance from bespoke super-science optimization. There are networks, but the internet hasn't been developed yet. Other areas of technology have reached late TL7-early TL8.

Unfortunately, the heroic mathematicians have super villainous counterparts. Super mathematicians make for dangerous villains as spies, organized crime lords, military leaders, and dictators. Nuclear powers also have the challenge of protecting their nuclear arsenal from those under the delusion that a crippling first strike is practical. The only way to protect their world from these threats is for the heroic mathematicians to fight them - both by their brains and brawn.

P.S.: I'm not sure what the appropriate limitation value for Gadgeteer or Quick Gadgeteer limited to mathematics and super-science applications of mathematics would be. Or for limiting the super-science to mathematics.
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