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Default Re: Make Animals Threatening [Basic]

Originally Posted by Jefepato
Does an animal's threat level go up substantially if the animal is unrealistically intelligent?

How might a competent team of PCs fare in the woods against a pack of wolves who are as smart as they are?
Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
A smarter animal will be better at ambushes, traps, and the like, but it won't help for winning head to head fights.
Don't underestimate the power of tactics. Jefepato mentioned a pack of wolves, and a highly intelligent pack of wolves could use (even) better pack tactics than ordinary wolves. This may be more about what the GM does than about mechanics. Anyone familiar with the D&D story of the Nightmare Kobolds?

Of course, if they do something like realise that the weapons are the problem and try to sneak up and take them away, which a human might, they stop looking believably like natural animals, if that's important.

For that matter, animals with human IQ could use the skills Strategy and Tactics. Strategy could represent some horror-movie monsters' uncanny ability to guess exactly what the PCs will do next and be three steps ahead of them.
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