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Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
The last time I was at the museum at Canada Forces Base Kingston, they had on display a WWII communications module for exactly this sort of truck-mounted deployment. So this AU is feasible... but somebody's going to have to make some decisions that weren't made or were made differently in our timeline.
You could always push this back even earlier.

I have tried playing around with this kind of idea myself and it always struck me that it might have more of an impact to have the divergence occur during the first world war.

The first forerunners of intermodal containers date back to the 19th century where they saw limited use on British railways. Integrating say a 10'x10'x10' 'loose box' of this sort into the trench railway systems of the era would be relatively easy and is something that might be a chance suggestion from anybody familiar with the technique.

Once containers are in large scale use improvements such as the ability to be stacked, or the ability to move units from railway wagons to truck chassis are likely to suggest themselves.
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