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Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
Iron Fist damage: I understand your approach but I don't believe that his highest attack should be as damaging (or more damaging than Thor's normal attack). I don't believe it reflects the source material (I am not trying to change your mind, just stating my opinion).
I'm honestly not sure. I came onto the series later in his career (post Heroes for Hire) and there wasn't much that could stand up to a full power punch. I joke about the helicarrier destroyed in a hit but some writer did it. I'm open to lower (capping out around 9d? less?) overall.

Ultrapower: I generally dislike Ultrapower. It is just too loosely define for my tastes.
Yea, I don't use it much in personal gaming. I threw it on these for the "Thor lifts a skyscraper", "Storm blankets the northwest in a snowstorm" type feats. It's a bit of an experiment.

Aquaman: I suggest some level of DR. In the moving, Black Manta's blade do not even pierce his skin with a very direct hit.
Good point. Less IT:DR, more DR :)

Superman: He seems to be missing any king of environmental immunities or protection (vacuum, pressure, heat, cold, etc...). An oversight?
Yes and no. I cut quite a few things to stay around 1k and he didn't need those for the movie. I see that I didn't make his heat vision/breath AAs so I can do that (perhaps even add AoA to them) and then free up points for those traits.

Wonder Woman: What, no attractiveness level :)?
Yes, an oversight. I'd add Beautiful since it's commented on by at least 2 people in each movie.

Balance: Unless I miss something, Wonder Woman would kick Supes butt. Her much higher skill combined with a better damage (with the sword) and the fact that Supes has no IT:DR lead to that conclusion.
True, if Supes fights to her strength where she gets her sword and he's trying to punch away. Doing 39 imp, she'll average 28 per hit. He does 15 per hit. He may have slightly more HP, but yea, he'll run out faster even before you consider her superior skill. I should probably up his DR to 30, lowering her damage to 18 per hit with the sword.

Of course, if it turns into a grappling match, he'll crush her somewhat slowly.

If he's tactically wise and doesn't wish to engage, he can do a pretty neat job just frying her with heat vision while flying too. Slams also favor him greatly.

As seen in JL, Superman is clearly more powerful; manhandling the whole team first and then being clearly superior to Steppenwolf while the whole team is struggling against him*
Obviously they weren't really trying to hurt him while he wasn't really holding back. :) I was trying to keep them roughly equal, hence you get a Supes that isn't as powerful as he might otherwise be.

In any case, it makes for poor party balance when you intentionally create a PC that can take on everyone else single-handedly.

FWIW, I also created the entire JL and the New X-Men today in my spare time, so I'm not married to the stats or abilities. I put them together as examples, often using similar stuff I've already made for comparisons guessing what feels good for play.

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