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Default Re: GURPS Supers Alternatives

Your stuff from this older thread has kept me interested in KYOS stuff. I haven't committed to using it, but now I just might.

Originally Posted by naloth View Post
From KYOS and using the baseline that everything expands at the same rate with a log progression such that:
ST 20 BL 200 lbs Thr 3d
ST 30 BL 2000 lbs Thr 5d+1 (~Spidey's ST)
ST 40 BL 10 ton Thr 8d (~Thing/Colossus ST)
ST 60 BL 1k ton Thr 13d (Superman recent movie)

Here's what a few basic book weapons look like (nothing below 4d is affected):
TL6 Concussion Grenade was 6d, now 4d+1
TL7 Concussion Grenade was 10d, now 6d
TL7 Frag Grenade was 8d[3d], now 5d+1[3d]

Assault Rifle was 5d, now 4d+1
Hunting Rifle was 7d, now 5d
Sniping Rifle was 9d+1, now 5d+2

ATGM was 60d(10d), now 10d+1(10)
SAM was 18d, now 7d+1
HMG .50 was 13d+1, now 6d+2

Bazooka was 6dx2(10), now 6d+1
RPG was 6dx3(10), now 7d+1
LAW was 6dx6(10), now 9d+1

You can also rescale the animals, vehicles, and armor in other books either using KYOS rules or this:
Old ST/DR 20 now 16
Old ST/DR 30 now 20
Old ST/DR 40 now 22
Old ST/DR 60 now 26
Old ST/DR 80 now 28
Old ST/DR 100 now 30
Old ST/DR 150 now 33
Old ST/DR 250 now 38
Old ST/DR 500 now 44
Old ST/DR 1k now 50

You get a very cinematic, very playable 4 color world. It's basically what film, TV, and Supers play like.

For stacking (since these are log values):
Use highest and add +3 for equal values, +2 if they are within 1 or 2 lower, +1 with 3-5 levels, +0 otherwise.

DR 20 + 20 (layered/cover) = DR23 for protection.
DR 20 + 19 (layered/cover) = DR22
DR 20 + 16 (layered/cover) = DR21
DR 20 + 14- (layered/cover) = DR20 (no benefit).

It also helps explain why a character (dragon? Super?) with good DR won't bother with armor. There's marginal benefit and only if it's nearly as tough as the character.
I'm throwing that post into this thread because I actually found your previous explanation a little bit easier for me to understand.

Furthermore, while I'm aware that you're looking at Supers stuff, do you have an idea as to how you would approach low-tech arms and armor? It seems out of the scope you've been touching on (especially with the note that no high-tech arms under 4d have been altered), but I wanted to see if you had any thoughts. Can low-tech weapons continue to be used as is? What about armor in the lower DR ranges? Because it seems like DR 1 through DR 3 would all just become DR 1, which seems a little... wrong?

I'm starting to work on putting together a new campaign, and I am almost convinced that I should finally apply KYOS.
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