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Default Re: Potion of Halitosis played on Floating Nose after Malign Mirror is played

I understand wanting to keep everything in one place, but when something is more than a few years old, we'd rather you just link back to it and start a new post.

Bonus refers to Combat Bonuses. You could still use the Rat-on-a-Stick to escape, you just don't get the +1.

Flaming Poison Potion can't be played at all.

The problem, I believe, here, is also that the questions are hitting an additional rule of Munchkin. If part of a card can't be played for some reason, like say, you're at level 9 and you try to play a Go Up a Level card, you can't gain the level, so you can't play the card.

Since you can't gain the bonus effect from the potion cards, you can't play them to gain any other effects.

Equipment that you have, Weapons, Headgear, Footgear, etc... can't give you the combat bonuses, but they can still be used for other effects they may provide, like the Rat-on-a-Stick. And, crucially, are already in play.
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