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Default Re: Potion of Halitosis played on Floating Nose after Malign Mirror is played

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
The Potion of Halitosis is an Item and cannot be used.
Hello there, I was searching for threads about Malign Mirror to understand better its effect.

I know that Bonuses (+X) of the cursed-Munchkin's Items (except Armors) are not included in the Combat Strength. But the Potion of Halitosis has also a special effect and that is the instant kill of Floating Nose. I thought this was not considered a "Bonus" so it would be valid for use and the player would kill the Floating Nose.

I also found these posts on a thread:

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
Potions that give a bonus can't be used. However, something like Pollymorph Potion is fair game.
Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
To be clear, though, we're talking about combat bonuses, not bonuses to something else, like a bonus to Run Away.
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