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Default Re: Fantastic Dungeon Grappling & Technical Grappling

Originally Posted by Exxar View Post
I've recently started using Binding in my games and it has been working very nicely by inflicting CP based on thrust damage of its ST. There were also some talks a while back about an Innate Attack doing CP damage and what would be a good price for it (IIRC something like 10/level was being tossed around), but after going with Binding like this I don't think it's necessary for such an Innate Attack to exist.
For what it's worth, we had a similar type of discussion way back when for the same topic in TG, which resulted in the "Funky Powers" box in that book. Innate Attack and a telekinetic grapple were basically incompatible with each other, and using the TK grapple produced better results.

I wouldn't use Engulfing at all with FDG, it doesn't fit the paradigm. Buy more levels of Binding and/or assign more Control Resistance.
Interesting note: "engulfing goo" is mentioned under Constriction Attack. So if you want something Engulfing, just say it qualifies for Constriction Attack (Monsters p. 10) and call it a day, perhaps.

Speaking of which, I must confess I completely forgot about Control Resistance when I designed some weapons inflicting CP a while back (tanglers and similar). But it worked well without it as I simply assigned what seemed like enough control damage. That being said, it would be a good idea to figure out pricing for assigning Control Resistance to Binding, and it would also be a good idea to unify breaking a binding via grappling and breaking by damaging it. The latter hasn't come up in my campaigns yet so I haven't given it any thought. I'm just not sure that Binding should have Control Resistance equal to 1/3 ST by default.
This is likely true; the effect of Control Resistance is similar to that of an always-successful re-grapple, with as many attacks as needed, etc. Getting an extra few points of CR is a big deal. A point of CR is likely worth more than twice as much as a Control Point, as it's always there and can't be removed.

One further datapoint - I've treated repeated Binding attacks against the same target as adding CP equal to just the number of control dice the attack normally does, as an analogue to further application of RAW Binding adding just +1 ST.
That's a nice simple way of doing it. Another would likely be "reroll damage, keep it if higher."
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