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Default Re: Modular Ability to represent equippable powers

Chip Slots are 5 Points + 3 points/level. +50% for only Physical Advantages (which Material probably all qualify for). That sounds fair, I think. It ends up cost 8 points + 5 points per level.

What can Materia be used for in the setting though? If the answer is conjuring monsters, creating barriers, healing wounds, and shrinking people and turning them into toads (FF7) then it isn't much of a limitation. If it is mostly attacks and maybe Damage Resistance then some level limitation might make sense. Same if you figure the player will have a very limited library of Materia to pass around.

You'd probably want to slap some limitations on it to get the price down slightly. F.ex., in FF7 equipping Materia is not done in the middle of a fight, so you could slap a limitation on it. Takes 10 seconds is probably worth 10% of a limitation, which would drop the cost to 7 points + 4 points per level.
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