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Default Re: Modular Ability to represent equippable powers

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
Some variety of Modular Abilities seems pretty fitting, a bit like how FF7 Material might be available for any Materia-user, but probably not just anyone could summon Bahamut or Meteor. If it gets more expensive than you feel it is worth perhaps you could just add a suitably large limitation to compensate the relatively low flexibility of that particular Modular Ability advantage?
That was the original question- the appropriate value for that limitation. I'm not sure of the precise number, and I have little experience, but when considering how much utility is lost by requiring materia on-hand instead of improvising abilities, I imagine a very low negative number. I'm leaning towards just making a new advantage at this point - something like this:

Materia (X points per level)

You are trained in the use of materia. You can use materia with a level up to the level of this advantage. I.E. With 2 levels of this advantage, you can use materia of level 2 and below. Materia level is equal to CP value it provides (arbitrary number, probably 5).

On the other hand, I do actually want to know what everyone thinks the MA modifier would likely cost, even if I don't use it yet. It might be useful later, or for someone else.
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