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Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
A 115 lbs. young sow with a wig, wearing female clothes and a diaper, as well as imbued with the magical aura of a sorceress the cult greatly desires.
Alright, I've got to know who came up with the pig-in-a-wig scheme (in character and out of character). I'm assuming it's "Gwen Delvano" they are concealing with this trick?

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
If either one is a Simpsons fan, this might appeal to them.
Sadly, they'll be disappointed - the Springfield in The Simpsons is based on Springfield, Illinois, which they want to avoid at all costs. In addition to not recognizing their LTC, that Springfield is something of a decaying city (particularly compared to its heyday), which would probably make the Path of Loss cultists be able to track them more effectively while they are present.

I can't really say where they'd want to go. They've got a variety of conflicting issues to deal with. Going to a large city makes it easier for them to avoid pursuit (due to divination penalties, and I'd assume their knowledge of offensive and defensive driving, seeing as they were the chosen drivers), but might interfere with the magical disguise on Miss Piggy and means normal people are more likely to notice and think "Why the [expletive] do those men have a pig in a wig?" That's not something easily explained away. Going somewhere rural leaves them more exposed, but also gives them better sight lines and is less likely to cause magical interference with the disguise or cause someone to notice them.
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