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Default Re: [DFRPG] Crawl! OOC

I'm confused about the nature of the caves. Back on post 115 of the IC thread you said that:

The caves are mostly earth, stone in some places
did we just get one of the few random stone caves? I'd prefer to work on an earthen one first.

Originally Posted by ajardoor View Post
Yes, please. That is an important enough change.

Telrith Stone-Friend (and human excavation team)

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So Erick, there are 3 calls for you! The show is about to begin!
I suspect a hole is not quite the defensive structure we want. Unfortunately, Telrith does not have architecture.. yet, so the defensive structures may be a little flakey for now. His default is 8, which isn't bad... but isn't great either.

Telrith will make a small fortification by digging out a trench and piling the dirt facing the entrance of the cave. He'll make the trench three feet deep, and three feet wide, so each yard will take a casting of shape earth. He'll make this fortification six yards long. He won't try to get the wall particularly close to the trench: if foes want to stand on a six inch gap and get bad footing that's fine with him. That's six shape earth rolls, and a minute should be more than enough time to complete this task. If I roll a failure (16 or higher) reroll until I succeed.

The Kiln is going to be tricky. Telrith will have Mudman empty the wheel barrow, and then send him down to the river to bring back three loads* of Mud for Telrith to work with (mudman has a perk that lets him behave as though he has a shovel).

Can Telrith take extra time to get a bonus to his default of architechure-8?

* a load of dirt is a cubic yard. which is to say, one casting of shape earth at 0 FP.
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