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Originally Posted by ajardoor View Post
(...) How long are you guys going to wait after the smoke fills the place before going in yourselves? And how exactly do you wish to block the cave opening?
The idea is to have a portion of the enemies drown blocking cave #10, using Telrith’s powers, if Erick agrees.

The smoke output of a fire yielding about 35 to 50 kw, fills an area of roughly 120 m3 in about a minute (with the approximate dimensions of a great room: 3x8x5). You can check it here and here.

If we do not take into consideration that the smoke filling process speeds up as the carbon dioxide displaces oxygen, this is 30 big chambers in about 30 minutes. We have to wait until the fire stops burning, and wait about the same time for the smoke to clear out. This is probably about 1 hour (30 big chambers). Now that Telrith’s powers have improved, the process could be much more efficient (building a pipeline could double the speed!).

It may take 2 to 10 minutes to have our enemies pass out or die. Fifteen minutes of straight smoke (0% oxygen) would kill them; 5-10 minutes would cause permanent brain damage. You can check it here.

Bain plans to wait in the outside, given the circumstances he won’t take the nap or the food; he will be camouflaged and behind cover, ready to stop whoever comes out.

The rest of the party may shelter themselves in a foxhole or a trench by the outside of the cave opening. They could resort to Telrith’s powers.

I suggest the elementals watching the fire, as they are not impeded by the metabolic hazards.

So Erick, there are 3 calls for you! The show is about to begin!
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