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Originally Posted by scc View Post
So problems that I've identified:
1. Minor one with ships, I'm sure there's a line somewhere about using items from Ulta-Tech to outfit Spaceships, so does that mean I can use the Barrier Screens from page 171 to protect my ships?

2. Speed, this is a bit of a multi-headed one, but starfighters engage in WW2 dogfighting is SW.

b) Bigger ships tend to be slower, so how much should speed to be reduced per increase in SM?

c) I'm planning to use a systems where hyperspace multiplies your speed by the function Y^X, where X is the FTL rating of your ship and Y is a constant, given the above constraints what values do people suggest for Y and what should the default FTL rating be?
1. To do this build ships as characters with Compartmentalized Minds (Controls) and add Accessory Perks (and of course $) to signify things from UT that are simply built in to the hull. Weapos are going to need to go on Weapon Mounts (see Extra Limbs). This may seem restirctive comapred to Spaceships but it might eb more realistic. The US Navy doesn't design all new weapons every time they build a different size of ship.

2. The basic solution is known as the "hyperdynamic paradigm". This transaltes simpel into "spaceships fly like airplanes only faster". You choose a "Hyperdynamic Factor) as a multiplier to ge the speed you want. WwII fighters were flyign at 250 to 400 mph and shooting at each othr with machine guns at 250 to 400 yards. If your basic star fighter weapon is the Semi-portable X-ray Laser which has a space-based 1/2D Range of 40 miles you choose a speed that scales with that.

b. Speed should be reduced enough to be significant. If you went with -10% per SM increase compared to SM+4 fighter SM+15 Star Destroyers would be immobile. So maybe 5%.

c. is unanswerable until you deicde how far apart your worlds are and how laong you wan tte average trip to be. This can be reduced to just how long you want the trips to last. The "feel" of the movies would make it jsut acoupel of days to cross the setting in a fast ship.
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