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Default Re: Cribing Notes From Star Wars

On money-changing:

From a quick google on the internet, in the modern world 10% per exchange is surprisingly high. 5% per exchange is high, but not uncommon. 1% per exchange takes some shopping, and often requires you to transfer thousands of dollars at a time, but is doable. However, sometimes small currencies get tied to big ones that makes exchanging them really easy and cheap.

If the imperial currency is backed by something, you can run on their money without too much issue. If its a fiat currency, you probably need to make your own currency out of self-defense. exchange rate is not the issue: the imperials indirectly taxing you through inflation and other monetary policies is. If you didn't actually leave their sphere of influence, you may be able to keep using their fiat currency, but that doesn't sound like what's going on here.

On FTL speed:
The question isn't how fast you want to go in terms of light speed, but how fast you want to go in terms of planets. How long does it take to go from one inhabited world to another, and how far are they apart from each other? If you can answer two of those questions for me, I can tell you how fast your ships need to be.
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