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Default Re: Cribing Notes From Star Wars

Originally Posted by scc View Post
So problems that I've identified:
1. Minor one with ships, I'm sure there's a line somewhere about using items from Ulta-Tech to outfit Spaceships, so does that mean I can use the Barrier Screens from page 171 to protect my ships?
Why not use the Force Screen system on Spaceships 16?

2. Speed, this is a bit of a multi-headed one, but starfighters engage in WW2 dogfighting is SW. This means not only do they have a top speed, but at full acceleration they can reach that top speed fairly, probably a single turn. How high is this likely to be given that these a human controlled ships?
See Spaceships 4 p.33 "Airplane-Style Dogfights" it suggests 12x thrust rating

b) Bigger ships tend to be slower, so how much should speed to be reduced per increase in SM?
I would handle this mostly by giving smaller ships more/faster engines, but you might go with -80% at max SM, then interpolate the percentages between that and SM+4 (speedy fighter craft).

c) I'm planning to use a systems where hyperspace multiplies your speed by the function Y^X, where X is the FTL rating of your ship and Y is a constant, given the above constraints what values do people suggest for Y and what should the default FTL rating be?
I would make the base FTL rating 1. Y is going to depend on how much distance you want them to be able to cover, but I wouldn't feel restrained by sensible physics with FTL.

3. Minor money matters: Money changers charge how much? 10% And when the empire started shedding systems how long could former systems go on using imperial currency without problems?
Depends on the system? Anything from 10% (cheap and easy) to 90% (major source of revenue in the system, or sees too little demand to keep supply/competition up).

4. I think I mentioned my idea of how to handle races for this sort of thing before but I'll repeat it: Adjectives, so players can pick packages like Strong or Flyer, but how many adjectives, both total and that players can pick; cost range; should I include Disadvantages; I'm sure there's more, I just can't think of them.
There's no particular reason to limit number of adjectives picked, given how GURPS works, but 2-3 to pick seems sensible. I'd try for 7-12 total. You may want to separate out morphological (winged, insectoid, 6-armed...), metabolic (fast, slow, strong, weak, etc.) and mental (focused, sensitive, etc.) adjectives, at least to make choices easier to find and think through, in which case you can afford more total adjectives without as much risk of decision paralysis.
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