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Default Cribing Notes From Star Wars

So the idea for a setting heavily inspired by Star Wars, right down to serial numbers filed off versions of SW ships has been haunting me, preventing me from working on anything else, so this thread is me asking for help trying to figure out the missing details.

So the basic history is that long ago there was galactic civilization, but that was destroyed in a war that saw everyone pretty much bomber back to the stone age, or at least something close to it. The players will be operating in an area know as the hundred worlds, so-called because it has about 100 known inhabited worlds, which recently has recently had to deal with a bit of a problem with someone trying to conquer the entire region, this was resolved when the guy in charge was assassinated and a civil war broke out between his sons over who got the top job.

This whole setup means I can have a fair number of species and a good number of worlds without things going crazy. Interestingly it also means that worlds being strangely specialized (E.g. prison or resort worlds) doesn't happen. It also provides a handy reason for running into ancient artifacts.

So problems that I've identified:
1. Minor one with ships, I'm sure there's a line somewhere about using items from Ulta-Tech to outfit Spaceships, so does that mean I can use the Barrier Screens from page 171 to protect my ships?

2. Speed, this is a bit of a multi-headed one, but starfighters engage in WW2 dogfighting is SW. This means not only do they have a top speed, but at full acceleration they can reach that top speed fairly, probably a single turn. How high is this likely to be given that these a human controlled ships?

b) Bigger ships tend to be slower, so how much should speed to be reduced per increase in SM?

c) I'm planning to use a systems where hyperspace multiplies your speed by the function Y^X, where X is the FTL rating of your ship and Y is a constant, given the above constraints what values do people suggest for Y and what should the default FTL rating be?

3. Minor money matters: Money changers charge how much? 10% And when the empire started shedding systems how long could former systems go on using imperial currency without problems?

4. I think I mentioned my idea of how to handle races for this sort of thing before but I'll repeat it: Adjectives, so players can pick packages like Strong or Flyer, but how many adjectives, both total and that players can pick; cost range; should I include Disadvantages; I'm sure there's more, I just can't think of them.
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