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Default Re: Light Aircraft that is Fun to Fly

Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
That sounds like a light Cessna. I'd say if someone's a vintage aircraft buff, a Piper Cub or Supercub, but they are probably a bit too slow.
A WW II training aircraft would probably be vintage enough and defintely faster than a Cub. Actual warbirds with multi-seat capacity are rare as hen's teeth. anything but P-51Ds is rare. The Mustangs are just expensive without being quite "rare".

I have no idea if you can still get OV-10 "Broncos" (which are statted up in Gurps Seals in Vietnam).

Okay, maybe.

The "similar aircraft" links on the page shouldn't encourage you though. No one is going to sell you an XB-70 "Valkyrie". :)
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