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Default Light Aircraft that is Fun to Fly

So, in New Orleans, the team there has the use of a Lake LA-250 Renegade. It occurs to me that the pilot attached to the team, Mike LeBlanc (b. September 16, 1970; Baton Rouge, LA), is paid quite highly and enjoys flying quite a lot. So he might have convinced his bosses to buy a smaller plane than the Renegade (able to take two passengers), which he is allowed to fly for fun and pay for his own fuel.

LeBlanc is a former Marine aviator who flew F/A-18c jets. What sort of light airplane might he enjoy flying?

It doesn't have to be amphibious, but in order for him to be able to justify his bosses acquiring it (without buying it personally), it has to be able to take one or two passengers from New Orleans to the Houston metropolitan area more economically than the Renegade.

Ideally, it should be a plane that is simple to prepare for flight, is responsive in the air and makes a good plane for flight instruction.

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