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Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
I liked the bit where it was noted by one pilot that after you'd done your pre-flight, and turned the engine over a few times, you had a 5-10 minute wait for the oil to flow through the engine properly, so that was when you went in and logged your flight plan with the tower. They also noted that if you took too long, all the oil would have flowed into the bottom cylinders, and if you started the engine you'd bend all the valves and the engine would have to be torn apart and rebuilt. As the cure was to drain the engine, re-oil it and start over, I expect An-2 pilots to not tarry to chat with people in the tower when filing their plight plans.

For people who might need to leave a beach in a hurry, this means you give the pilot a departure window no more than 15 minutes wide and make damned sure you're there, or you accept that final pre-flight will take 10 minutes and you give that much warning of your impending arrival.
That all sounds very conductive to fun adventure situations.

Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
I also expect that these sorts of foibles were common to aircraft of the similar or older vintage, as most of them stem from using simple equipment with basic designs dating from WWII or earlier.

TL6 aircraft are, obviously, less capable and convenient than TL7 and TL8 ones. On the other hand, given that some powerful magicians or paranormal phenomena can reduce the Malf. of late TL8 devices by 4, earlier TL8 by 2-3 and late TL7 devices by 1, it can be worthwhile in certain situations to put up with the less user-friendly TL6 or early TL7 aircraft.

The fact that at least one PC is a powerful enough magician to impose this penalty, as well as another PC having aspected Unluckiness around technological devices of at least early TL8, means that the PCs will make much more use of anachronistic transport than most other people in the setting.
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