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Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
So, to you, the Catalina would be more interesting in its wartime configuration than in the classy-as-copulation Landseaire Golden Age of Travel luxury get-up?
They're both cool. I do like the use of the nacelles as drinking/snuggling nooks with a view.
Edit: This reveals a pretty obvious role for a PBY-5A Catalina even if Kessler also owns a Short S.25 Sandringham. The Sandringham is stored on the islands in the Antilles where Kessler has retreats and many allies living locally while the Catalina lives in Galveston/Houston. So if necessary, occultists in his employ can always travel between them in less than 24 hours, without needing to wait to be picked up.
So the PCs that aren't tech level-limited wizards will be 'enjoying' a 8+ hour trip in an an old flying boat, only to transfer to another old flying boat for another 8-12 journey... Well, it'll have them pining for a ride in a nice 'modern' TL-7 jet transport (the Il-76), at least (those things aren't internally quiet in their standard configuration either).
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