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Default Re: Survey: Top Priorities for Ogre VG Improvement

More "nice-to-have" items (remember, ONLY after core bugs are squashed, please).

selectable ranked matches - Add a way to filter/select what kind of match you'd like to play, rather than have it completely random. If I only want to play a "Classic Mark V" on an Orange map, I should be able to tell the system not to match me up with a "Train" scenario on a Green map. I'd also like to be able to select a preference for Attacker or Defender.

access to the Nightfall scenarios as two-player skirmish games - Making these playable as two humans, or swapping the AI as the defense would really open up replay-ability. Maybe make it so they become available as each one is "beaten" in the campaign. That way, no spoilers, and it's an extra trophy for beating a scenario

more trophies - There's only 5 trophies available and they are not that hard to get. The game needs a lot more to keep interest. If nothing else, having more goals will make the completionists keep playing; especially for promoting online matches.
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