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Originally Posted by HANS View Post
Thursday is GURPS day!

In "Tactical Shooting: Street Kings" I look in detail at a scene of that film, which is especially illustrative regarding the use of tactical lights.


Excellent write up cheers!

Quick question though about light penalties while shooting at sources of light.

Take for instance

"6th Second: Ludlow takes an All-Out Attack (Determined) manoeuvre and fires one two-handed sighted shot at a white light; -6 (size) +0 (range) -5 (darkness) +1 (All-Out Attack) +1 (Weapon Bond) = -9 to Guns (Pistol)"

-9 is a pretty hard shot, but I can see how in abstract shooting at an 8" object up to 2 yards away in a badly lit room would be a hard shot.

It's just it seems a bit strange to me that if you were shooting at a similar sized object that wasn't emitting light in the same room and at the same range it would be as hard as shooting at the light source in that room*?

Now I don't think it's going to negate the illumination penalty entirely but I'd have thought that if your lining up your sights at one of the main light source the issue of illumination probably shouldn't be as great as shooting in the environment in general?

They'd be contrast benefit if nothing else (although I can see they're might be dazzle effect as well).

Anyway not a question about your write up but a question about your opinion on how illumination penalties work in GURPS.

A similar situation would be shooting out search lights at night

*unless you're assuming that light penalty includes the light being directly in view, and it would be worse if you were aiming away from it.

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