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Default Re: IQ for Fatigue…?

The current balance favors
ST 6 (+40 mana), DX 12 (+2 DX ring) and IQ 20 (Total of 2300 XP for attributes and 8000 XP for Mana so age is 123 years old to 37 years old.)

$15k in expected gear (one year's savings) gives:
Wizard’s chest $2,500
+2 DX ring $4,000
Stone Flesh ring $4,000
Blur ring $3,000 (Zero ST cost, right?)

c.f. specific mention at ITL 155: "However, some items may require an act of will to operate them – and these will not work, except accidentally, if you don’t know what they are. For instance, a Blur ring would blur anyone who put it on . . . but a Wish ring would
not work until the wearer made a wish, and a lightning-bolt rod would not fire until its holder willed it to fire. No die roll is required to use a magic item, and no ST cost is involved, unless specifically mentioned."

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