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I have considered a house rule of 'minimum range modifier for weapons = -SM' -- i.e. currently SM+0 doesn't get a +2 for shooting at a distance of 1 yard, and this just makes it general (all creatures, when shooting at another creature of the same size as them, will never get a net positive modifier). However, be aware that changes like this do adjust the value of SM.
Having SM be a Feature is a bit of an issue as it stands, although this would exacerbate the problem (as it makes negative SM even better, and positive SM even worse). I wonder if, with this added in, it would be appropriate to apply a tweak I've long considered - instead of simply getting a discount on ST at higher SM's, SM determines base ST, and each [+10] is +10%. Base ST would either follow SSR on its own (10, 15, 20, 30, etc) or would be 5x[nominal height] (10, 15, 25, 35, etc). When SM-6 means you're hard to hit but also have a base ST (and HP) of 1, and each +1 costs a full [100] (or [20]), suddenly cheesing your way into being really hard to hit is a great deal less enticing (conversely, getting a base ST of 100, and it only costing [1] per +1, makes the downside of everyone being at +6 to hit you less of an deterrent).
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