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Good idea.
He was a very clever man, if a little bit unconventional. He did some really fundamental work in computer animation of the human figure (generalisable to other anatomies).

In our futuristic modern times, there exist graduate degrees in things like scientific photography. Would that exist in the 1990s?

Back in the benighted ancient past of 1995 (meaning that the education of an established professional could date back all the way to the 80s or even further), what kind of education and background should a specialist in taking photographs with scientific and evidentiary value have?
A brief survey of pioneering scientific photographers has shown up people with backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, medicine, oceanography, geophysics, physics, ballistics, and of course optics.

But back in the day we recognised the value of expert technicians who had learned their trades without the preliminary misery of "four years in the uncomfortable confines of a raccoon-skin coat". As recently as 1995 my brother, a researcher in medical imaging, had expert lab technicians, who had been hired out of high school and trained in the labs.

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