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Default Re: Items received outside of your own turn.

Originally Posted by GranitePenguin View Post
This is actually where some of my earlier confusion came from in another post recently. What version of the rules actually state it this way? I've looked at Munchkin Deluxe and Legends so far and looking under the "Treasures" section I don't see anything about combat where that would be a direct quote from the rules. I either can't read, or there's some paraphrasing going on based on implied understanding (e.g. combining statements under "Combat" and "Treasures") that I'm missing. :-(
I copied and pasted from the Munchkin rules PDF, v1.71 (October, 2014), but the same text is in Munchkin Deluxe rules, v1.7 (June, 2014). In both cases, they're in a big callout box on page 2 which is entitled, "When You May Take Actions." The most recent rules PDFs can (almost) always be found at
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