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Default GURPS Aliens: Sparrials

Meeting aliens
I must have dropped my wallet
In the excitement
— Police report
You can't run a GURPS Space campaign without aliens. And that's exactly what the newly launched GURPS Aliens series aims to deliver! But rather than kick things off with a tired stereotype such as "brainy psis with bulging foreheads," "honorable-but-warlike empire builders," or "creepy, utterly inhuman invaders," we decided to bring you GURPS Aliens: Sparrials.

You might ask, "What on Earth is a sparrial?" After saying, "Wrong planet, Ace," gamers who own GURPS Classic: Aliens will recognize the name and claim to know about this species. But there's a lot more to learn – and with these guys, you need to be on your toes! "An entire race of small, agile thieves" would be a fair first description, and probably enough to have savvy spacemen keeping an eye on the crowd and a hand on their wallet. Yet as with all aliens worth writing about, there's much more than meets the eye . . .

Read up on the origins of this fascinating race, from arboreal predators, through inventive sapient species, to seasoned space explorers. Learn about their strong family ties and chaotic social system, and the resulting civilization. Discover why they steal, and what role clever thefts play in their society. Create your own sparrial adventurers and NPCs, drawing on details about standard and variant racial traits, common abilities, important skills, representative jobs, and martial arts. Then gear up with sparrial-specific equipment and set out to explore – whether that means riding a rachou or cruising the galaxy in a uniquely sparrial starship. There's also advice for choosing psionics and even spells, if your campaign leans that way (sparrials are well-suited to fantasy, too!).

Remember: What you don't know can still rob you blind! The space-wise adventurer won't want to be without a copy of Sparrials on her data player.

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