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Default Re: Meteoric iron immunities

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Fortunately, informational magic in GURPS doesn't work that way... It's a direct seeks-this-specific-thing-and-offers-no-context-at-all kind of effect.
True enough, as far as Basic magic Seek spells go. And the phrase "meteoric iron" does tend to impose the context of DFRPG and thus Basic magic. I've wandered further afield into the anti-magical-phlebotinum-of-the-setting and other supernatural senses (perhaps based on Detect, Para-Radar, or what-have-mage).

Still, it's not entirely clear even sticking with Basic-style magic that there aren't other ways than Seek to take advantage of anti-magic to help find MI. Earth Vision presumably can't see through MI any better than any other magical sense, but suddenly not seeing through the earth to the distance you expect because that's where the chunk of MI is buried is still useful information for Alexander Howl's estimate of difficulty of searching for the Iron That Fell To Earth (Unless It Didn't). Earth to Air would make for a quick and easy means to sort out the MI from all the boring iron and gold while mining, perhaps Move/Alter Terrain even to excavate the entire region of the crater to leave the unaffected bits behind in a nice pile.

The point was merely that negative properties can sometimes be as useful as positive ones for detection and manipulation. One nice thing about Basic magic is that the spells are often open to creative application.
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