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Default Re: Fantastic promos and why it's hard to find them.

Awesome on both counts! Thanks!

As for that pesky pandemic, in my mind the implications are so obvious I rarely rehash them at this point, because I find it redundant. But considering a) how many people don't have a clue as to the seriousness of the pandemic and b) I was complaining (regardless of the fact I tried to be respectful and rational), I should have explicitly stated I understood the pandemic was likely a factor affecting the issue.

In retrospect I realize without that reference I may have come off as petty, maybe even if I had included it, but in my defense the lure of the promo is strong in this one. It may not be a good reason, but at least it's an excuse. ;-)

Just to be clear, I think SJG has done a great job in a very difficult situation and I really do mean that. I'd stop throwing my money at you if I didn't.

All praise to the Secret Masters and their beloved promos!
-Paul Pappas

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