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Your a spellcaster, your supposed to be casting spells. If I want to play a spellcaster and can do a decent subset of everything under the sun (which I can in RPM), its annoying to have 'Oh, that Summoning Pets thing, which GURPS Magic Magic casters can get, DnD casters can get, and so forth? You dont get it. Spend more points on an advantage on top of all the points you spent on RPM'

I just use the classic RPM copout of 'stat as advantage and stuff it into Altered Traits'

I use the 250 static point level (I love the 'static point level' phrasing! I couldn't figure out a good phrasing for it, 'campaign baseline summoning level' etc sounded bad) solely because it means DF templates are tidily pre statted

This was a huge huge discovery as it fixed the problem of spell throw weight being tied to character CP instead of spell energy

Here are a few examples that I've used enough they got recorded on various character sheets of mine

Terra Cotta Gaurd Squad
Greater Create Matter[6](),
Greater Create Mind[6](),
Lesser Control Magic[5]();
Subject Weight: 5 tons [6],
Duration: 1 week [9],
Altered Traits: 24 [24] (Ally Group, 10 25% clay golem Guards, Constantly).
Cost: 280
Clay Golem from Magic is 0pts, Gaurd template from DF Henchmen . . . . the create matter is also handling equipping them (though is going to be some brutal Armory rolls!) So before casting the spell the character likes to cast this other spell

Armoury Enlighten
Lesser Strengthen Mind[3]();
Subject Weight: 100 lbs. [2],
Duration: 30 minutes [2],
Bonus Or Penalty: Single: +4 [8] (Armoury).
Cost: 15

The character in question is a Junior Clerk of the Celestial Bureaucracy, and uses Bureaucracy VH as her sub for Thaumatology. Her charms look suspiciously like forms in triplicate

Create Wolf
Greater Create Body[6](),
Greater Create Mind[6](),
Lesser Control Magic[5]();
Subject Weight: 300 lbs. [3],
Duration: 10 minutes [1],
Altered Traits: 12 [12] (Wolf Ally, 75%, Constantly).
Cost: 165
It really should be a lesser create mind, a wolf is an animal! Oops

Pegasus Stampede
Lesser Create Mind[6](),
Greater Create Body[6]();
Subject Weight: 5 tons [6],
Altered Traits: 48 [48] (Ally Group, 10 50% Pegasi),
Duration: 1 hour [3].
Cost: 207

One of my favorite Magic cards, so I had to use it! Since RPM came out with the 'Blight Land for Energy' trick it would be very appropriate to use it to fuel this spell
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