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Default Re: [DF] I hate Walk on Air - Alternative Spelllist anyone?

Originally Posted by Onkl View Post

Have you already created your own houserules to simulate the old AD&D feeling?
Have you already created alternative spelllists to achieve what I am trying to do?

If so, please share your work with me!
I'd done a lot of this on an ad-hoc basis, so I don't really have a spell list. Also I have no issues with Flight-type spells, including Walk on Air, so I just allow them. It's not like pit traps were anything but a temporary movement obstacle in my AD&D games anyway.

But what I've done so far:

- gave Shape Earth a 1-second duration.
- got rid of Metal spells as part of the tech college.
- tossed out all of the Hang/Throw/Catch/etc. meta-spells as more troublesome than entertaining.
- threw out a bunch of spells on a purely case-by-case basis because I don't want them around (no Decapitate spell, no Bless spells to avoid the old "everyone is +1 all the time" issue, etc.).
- limited what can be a Power Item to avoid mages with Power Item steel corselets and Power Item magic broadswords and encourage staves, pointy hats, and robes.
- define an "attack" pretty broadly for dispelling Invisibility.
- use what's apparently a totally heretical and crazy ruling for See Secrets, which is the "secret" must be in direct view to be detected.

But I also:

- use the old 3e rules for explosive spells, to make them more effective.
- combined some similar spells into single spells to keep spell lists shorter.
- shortened the time to cast on Mass (whatever) spells to the same as their minimum cost, regardless of casting size, to make them possibly useful.

I also have a shortened list of appropriate races, magic items, templates, advantages, etc. to fit the kind of game I want to run. Less gonzo PCs, generally.
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