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Default Re: Greetings from China in the 21st century

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Welcome. It's neat to hear that there's a GURPS community in China. Does your group play in fantasy settings or do you play in other settings? Space? Cthulhu? My group has campaigns in all three of those settings, so I wonder whether your group has similar variety.
Our community is not specifically limited to a certain theme, everyone tries their favorite content. A lot of people are interested in SF, animation, Wuxia (not based on GURPS China). I am personally studying the rules book that was sold in Japan around 2000.

We use our own fantasy scripts. DND's player community is much larger than ours, which is 100 times of ours.

We love the space opera background.

It can be said that most TRPG writers in China are writing COC scripts. (but it's not well written)
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