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Default Re: Pyramid 3:63 question on Jumper/Pocket Dimension

Originally Posted by PiperHolmes View Post
Hey Christopher: one more question, more out of curiosity than a game question.

How did you model the furnishings, and presumably other factors like power and running water in Hotel Infinity? Thanks.
Mostly Finny itself - it's a genius loci that wanders with its location - it cheats, that's why it acts as a Patron. Matter control + Malleable Physics to create a perpetual motion machine could supply energy. Running water could be as simple as creating a small crack into a specific place. Again, Malleable Physics could be useful here.

The furnishings were either brought in or made. I imagine it's a hodgepodge of things from across the multiverse. "This is the Lincoln-131 Room. Enjoy!"
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