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Default Re: Sailing Ships -At least until CCoI (Low-Tech) arrives

Originally Posted by Icelander
If you had a choice, what would you prefer to see first:

a) Nordic knarr, longboat, dragon ship and great drakkar.
b) Caravel, caravel redonda and a later vessel built in the same style purely for warfare.
c) Early frigates and small galleons.
d) Early cogs, Hanseatic cogs and cogs designed for warfare.
e) Carracks and great ships.
f) Brigantines, pinnaces, brigs and snow-brigs.
g) Schooners, xebecs and xebec-frigates.
h) Cutters, corvettes and sloops-of-war.
j) Frigates and ships-of-the-line.
Yes, please. <g>

Okay, okay... What I'd be most likely to want to use right now are longboats or corvettes (it's a very odd game), so a) or h), please.
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