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Default Re: Winged Knife - Turns to Use

Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post
I was struggling to figure out why this spell is classified as a missile spell at all. I think the point of the spell isn't speed; it's to attack with a weapon that is far away from you. The spell's prerequisite spell is Poltergeist, after all, and the spell talks about "distance purposes (from the weapon) when determining whether the spell succeeds."

I think a secondary purpose of the spell is to attack with a greater Strength than your own; the spell attacks with ST 15, which is pretty high.

So as a missile spell, you make a spell roll to see if you get control of the weapon. In this unusual case, apply a range penalty as if it were a regular spell. Once you have remote control of the weapon, use your Innate Attack (Projectile) skill to hurl it at its target. Two turns.

I'm not totally convinced that makes sense, but that's my best guess.
This is how I ended up using it as well. The Psychic Guidance perk (I think that's what it's called) can help here. Also, casting it on a weapon that is behind your target could allow an attack with no defense.
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