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Default Re: Winged Knife - Turns to Use

Originally Posted by Rolando View Post
Winged knife is a bit different to other missile spells because it doesn't create the missile, but the caster must still cast the missile spell at a subject, so that takes a turn, just like creating a stone missile or other missile spell.

After that the weapon is the missile and the caster may aim or attack as normal.
If that's true, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having such a spell? Because now you've got an attack that's capped at 1d, maybe 2d if you have a swing throwing weapon, that takes three turns to execute.

One turn to draw the weapon, one turn to cast, and one turn to actually throw. If the whole point of Poltergeist and Winged Knife is to throw a thing except at a higher ST, then it seems to me that casting the spell should just throw the thing on that round.
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