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Default Re: Small group tactics perks?

Originally Posted by Pragmatic View Post
are there any supplements that have perks that can be purchased to improve the coordination of small groups?
E.g., shield wall training
The only one I can remember aside from Teamwork (MA52) is Pack Tactics (TG30)

Plus there's also buying up Coordinated Attack as a technique to offset penalties you take for trying to get the benefits of attacking in tandem

Could also in theory take stuff like "Obscure" with limitations "only when coordinated with my team" (obscure each other's movements, etc) accessibility but not sure how to price that.

PU8p6 has a "Horde" mitigator for disadvantages which could probably be flipped into advantages which operate only at full power in hordes: I think that would convert a -60% mitigator into a -40% limitation.

I'm just not sure how the math would invert for the middle-tier calculations, "multiply the IQ penalty by [1 -
(crowd density/2)] and round for the worse" might be as simple as multiplying the bonus by the difference produced by subtracting half the desnity from one, but I'm not sure.
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