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Default Re: Meteoric iron immunities

Protective charms could be gadgets that give Immunity to Magic (Can be Stolen by Stealth, -20%; Cosmic, Impenetrable Defenses, +100%; Unique, -25%) [47]. The celestial nature of the meteoric iron would counter the terrestrial nature of mortal magic.

In order to make meteoric iron into a gadget, it should require 200 hours per CP. Every 200 hours of work, the artisan rolls their crafting skill. On a critical success, they finish 2 CP worth of work. On a success, they finish 1 CP worth of work. On a failure, they have not made any progress. On a critical failure, they cannot make any further progress (the gadget may have partial functionality).

So, the protective amulet against magic would require 9400 hours of work (nearly five years) while the previous sword would require 14200 hours of work (over seven years). Such gadgets would be quite rare though (thus the unique limitation) and would not be for sale except under the most extreme of circumstances.
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