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Default Re: Maximum Attributes for Real World People

What Kromm Said:
Originally Posted by Knowing your own Strength, Pyramid 83, page 16
For DX, IQ (and hence Will, and Per), and HT, it’s easy to keep the lid on: Treat the 6-to-15 range described in How to Select Basic Attributes (p. B14) as the scope of realistic ability for adult humans. To avoid implausible resistance to bleeding, poison, and so on, the GM might cap HT slightly lower; the 14 for the hardiest natural creatures (pp. B455-460) works, and even 13 is defensible. The GM may permit extraordinary people to buy one level over the usual limit if they take Unusual Background (Peak Attribute), which costs as much as a single level of that attribute; e.g., 5 points for Will or Per, 10 points for HT, or 20 points for DX or IQ. This extreme sets the “hard” limit on human ability.
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