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Default Re: GURPS Spaceships Design Spreadsheet

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Enabling Combine Big And Small Power Points results in !Value in the excel (xls) version. I have a full-sized solar boiler and a Small chemical refinery.
I'm not seeing this, either in my current test version or in the last Release Candidate. Can you send me a copy of that sheet so that I can take a look at it (zip it up, so it doesn't blow up any e-mail servers)

Originally Posted by DaltonS View Post
Some more systems for the wishlist from the Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game
I hadn't realized that Vorkosigan had Spaceships Stats in it or I'd have added them sooner. Am I correct in assuming that other systems use the standard cost/mass/acceleration/etc?
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